Strategy facilitation & transformation

Helping leaders rapidly bridge the gap between strategy & execution

The corporate landscape is constantly changing and companies need to move at the speed of change to keep up. This requires clear actionable strategies and organisational alignment. We bring the rigour and expertise required to rapidly move in the right direction.

What we do

Simplify strategy by leveraging the power of Value Engineering

We help our clients simplify strategy without sacrificing impact by transforming organisational goals into actionable plans.

Strategic delivery services

Structure complex strategies

Unravel the complexities of strategic planning with our rapid approach, designed to create alignment within teams and drive effective outcomes. Our methods leverage Value Engineering to instil simplicity without losing strategic value.

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Effectively operationalise strategies

Transform your business goals into a living reality with our unique and proven approach to execution. With a business transformation perspective, we focus not only on delivery, but on ensuring lasting results.

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Navigating the Roadmap: The Importance of Strategic Planning in Business Transformation

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The importance and impact of alignment in strategy development. Tactics to drive alignment early on.

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The Role of Leadership in Driving Effective Business Transformation

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What is Value Engineering

Maximise ROI through effective simplicity.

Value Engineering is a systematic and structured approach for improving the value of projects, products and processes. Identify and remove the unwanted and unnecessary to achieve the optimum balance between function and cost, ultimately maximising ROI.



From Theory to Practice: Implementing Value Engineering in Your Projects

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The importance of prioritisation when developing effective business & project strategies

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Maximizing ROI with Value Engineering in Business Strategy Development

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Training & Coaching

Develop Effective People
Training & Coaching

Elevate individual and team performance with our professional training and coaching services designed to improve productivity and interpersonal relationships. Our programmes enable authentic change through a process of self-discovery that blends theory and practical insights.

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Online Training

Our courses are offered both in person and online. Catering for the busy professional or executive.

Most of our courses are accredited for CPD points.

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"Konrad brought a fresh and practical means of addressing complex problems, seeing them understanding them and then devising a plan to realise what needs to be done. We would recommend the proceeds and Konrad’s approach to anyone who really wants to understand and build a meaningful strategy."

Media Monitoring Africa

"The services requested were performed extremely professionally with the facilitator constantly engaging with the team. The action items as part of the final deliverable is easy to manage and very beneficial to the project. This creates huge awareness with the client who sometimes didnt know the information."

DRA Global

"Professionalism of the team, and the fact that the outcome is driven from bottom up, our team was very much involved as such own the outcome."

University of Witwatersrand